Effective water cleaning and disinfection in water parks and swimming pools!

Distinctive features of April-Bas in comparison with chlorine products:

"April-Bas" has unique properties that allow it to be used for antimicrobial treatment of pool water without using chlorine.

Unlike chlorine and ozone, April-Bas:

  • is not an oxidising agent;
  • does not cause corrosion of equipment;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • has no colour or smell;
  • does not change the taste of water;
  • retains its properties for a long period of time during storage;
  • allows you to protect the pool water for a much longer period than "volatile" oxidants;
  • does not create toxic and organochlorine compounds in water.


The April-Bas agent demonstrates antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses and has powerful deodorant properties.

The required disinfection effect is achieved when the polymer concentration in the pool water during operation is at the level of 0.5-1.0 mg/l.

The anti-infection chemical provides a prolonged biocidal effect. As a result of using it, not only water itself is disinfected, but also the walls of the pool, the water supply system as well as filters.

At the same time, the likelihood of biofouling of the pool walls decreases, so there is no need for additional measures to reduce the colour of the water and clean the pool walls from mucous deposits.

The product has disinfecting properties: it is also used to clarify water and prevent the appearance of algae. A good flocculant, removes suspended metals, mechanical impurities, has coagulant properties. Possesses antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Keeps its properties for a long time during storage, allows you to protect the pool water for a much longer period than "volatile" oxidants.

A “Certificate of Conformity” was received for the April-Bas agent and detailed instructions for the use of the chemical for the implementation of complex disinfection of water, its clarification and prevention of algae formation are available.

The shelf life of the product in the manufacturer's sealed packaging is 3 years, when freezing and thawing, the properties of the active substance do not change. Keep out of the reach of children.


For water purification and disinfection:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water parks
  • Fountains
  • Decor. water facilities
For the purification and treatment of industrial wastewater, heat and power plants

For disinfection of surfaces: premises, equipment and storage tanks, transportation, supply and bottling of drinking water


  • Before processing

    Before purification, the water was murky, with a high content of biological impurities (decomposed leaves, algae, grass, and others).

  • After treatment with "APRIL-BAS"

    After cleaning, all impurities precipitate, the sediment is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

    The bottom, joints, seams are to be additionally treated with April Bas, which increases the cleaning efficiency.

Note: when cleaning and disinfecting water in swimming pools, water parks, fountains and artificial reservoirs, it is necessary to take into account the operation features of these facilities. Efficiency directly depends on the quality of the filtration and circulation systems, as well as on the quality of water treatment activities.

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COMPOSITION: Polyhexamethylene guanidine chloride (PHMG-chloride) is the main active ingredient of the complex antimicrobial agent APRIL-BAS, which is recommended for water disinfection and in order to prevent biological growth in medical and swimming pools as well as water parks.

The product is produced in the form of a liquid concentrate of a 20% aqueous solution of polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride (PHMG-hydrochloride), which is a clear liquid from colourless to yellow colour (pH of a 1% solution is 6.0-9.5). It is supplied to the pool water or to the recirculation system.

Calculations for preparing a working solution with April-Bas:

The amount of liquid concentrate "April-Bas" and water required for preparation of the working solution for different volume:

50l 200l 400l
Agent, ml Water, l Agent, l Water, l Agent, l Water, l
250 upto 50 1 upto 200 2 upto 400

Working solution concentration - 0.5%

Use APRIL-BAS for comfortable and safe swimming!

  • Does not contain chlorine
  • Coagulates suspended metals
  • Good flocculant
  • Safe to drain into soil
  • Kills fungus and bacteria
  • Convenient to use and safe for people